Redstone College - The Wind Energy Program at Redstone In Broomfield, CO

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The wind energy program at Redstone is a new so that is their excuse for the horrible instruction and in being unprofessional.Unfair grading this may be because of race, religion, color or for whatever reason the instructors have decided they don't like you personally.

The instructors do not have degrees in teaching and they say, they are weeding out students before they go into the field, this means if they don't like you for whatever reason you will not pass their class no matter how hard the student tries. At this time they say they are working the kinks out, that means the tests are a mess and so is the instruction, they have added 'school work in' to fill time to make their classes longer which makes them money, incidentally when a student flunks that also makes them money. There is no respect for student whatsoever and they are treated as such. Upon looking into the school you will be treated nice and lied to whatever it takes to get you in and then credits do not transfer.

It is an attitude among the faculty that they gossip about the students and the students are continually disrespected because they are lowly students.Extremely unprofessional.

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Greeley, Colorado, United States #711718

You said it!!!!I'm shocked and appalled that they not only do this but they say it right in front of you.

There is a list of problems that can spend a hour or two trying to go over.

But not much will be done if any.I do not recommend this school to anyone

Redstone College Admission Unprofessional

Rochester, New York 0 comments

I called to inquire about the wind energy program and the cost of admission.To my surprise they wanted all sorts of personal info before they could even send me to admission.

After divulging info and being transferred to westwood college then given several more phone numbers that led me to a general answering machine. I called Kalamazoo Community College and they gave me the answer in 2 seconds. Then I called back to speak with a supervisor and he started talking over me. I told him I was going to raise *** on the net and drag their name through the mud on Angies List.

Don't even give this company the time, move on to a professional and reputable college.I told them they should be ashamed of their incompetence and inability to answer simple questions!

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Redstone College - Redstone HVAC/R program in broomfield

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I attended the HVAC/R program back in 2008 and it had decent instructors teaching the programs however, the lab was extremely small with minimal applications to learn on.The bathrooms were old and ran down and the costs to learn were extremely high!!

For a grand I learned more at Johnstone college than I did at Redstone for 1/100th of the price.In my opinion along with some of my colleague's, my experience at Redstone was disappointing and I strongly discourage anyone to learn heating and air conditioning at that school unless you desire to get ripped off.

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Redstone College Broomfield Co.

Denver, Colorado 1 comment

Redstone admissions reps were extremely helpful in getting me into there school.And I must say they have some very good instructors.

There financial aid department is the worst I have ever encountered. The Financial Aid representatives are wholly incompetant and seem to not care whether students have difficulties. Most of the students who leave are forced to do so due to lack of funds due to the incompetence in that office. I would urge anyone considering Redstone to reconsider and check out other schools such as Spartan.

The stress and headaches associated with dealing with administration just isn't worth it.

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Kartuzy, Pomorskie, Poland #50966

lol Redstone is the worst college I have ever been my social security number to part time students to recieve my books when I already had an ID card to verify my identity, poor lab environment for their hvac/r program with outdated equipment and a slow learning pace. I learned more on the job with new equipment than wasting my money going to this bogus school

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